Artificial Life

‘Artificial Life’, written by Zeinab Arjah.

I still remember the day wanting to publish my very own book worldwide was just a thought, and now that’s the reality I wake up to.

I’m underestimated and that’s just the way I like it. For me life began as soon as I was blessed with people who made me feel nothing less than immense obscurity. I call it a blessing because all that I’ve endured made me the person I am today; stronger, wiser and most of them all successful. So I would be lying if I said that these battle scars weren’t worth the fight, because they absolutely are.

I’ve always been a writer however, didn’t pick up on it until two years ago (age fifteen) although I do remember the first proper poem I wrote as a ten year old called ‘Fascination’; It isn’t the best of poems considering i was really young but that is what started me off and God knows how grateful i am for it. Unfortunately it won’t be featured in my book ‘Artificial Life’ ; however it’ll be posted below.

~ Fascination –

I look at the moon,

And straight away,

I put my head down and say,

That this is the way to the end of my soul thats whats called..

Living through the breeze i cry,

Like my tears to the sky,

I say to my self that its not true living through hard times.. .

The reason why I can still remember that particular poem is because on that night before I composed it, my heart was filled with grief, but after my eyes came in contact with the moon, everything changed. From then, I claimed the moon. You will find that I refer quite a lot to the moon in my poetry or perhaps compare someone to it (usually a loved one).

I would also like to thank my father, mother and brother for their full support.

My book ‘Artificial Life’ is written solely with love, passion and realism.

Take your time reading my poems peacefully, let the words take control of your mind and heart.

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