About Zeinab Arjah


In life I came across people that did/could never understand the way I was, the way I am. Some took advantage of me, laughed at me, held me down from breathing natural air. I was just that ordinary teenage girl who wanted to play, laugh, love and live day by day but instead choked many times trying to breathe the air I got served on dirty plates. It was all a misunderstanding.

I guess majority of the people in my generation were too selfish to even consider understanding that I was already going through a fair bit back at home and I didn’t need or deserve this. I already had enough on my plate.

Besides turning to Allah, poetry had a huge impact on me. The monster that haunted me every night left and now I’m untamable.

Zeinab Arjah

To view an article about ‘Artificial Life’ visit the website provided below:


8 thoughts on “About Zeinab Arjah

  1. Hey, just wanted to congratulate you on your first book! Looking forward to reading it, but just a quick question where can i find this novel in stores? Thanks sweetheart xoxo

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