Rhetorical Questions- 

Rhetorical Questions-
Whats the point of having a voice if no one is going to hear you out anyway?

No one is willing to help scare away these thoughts that haunt me down every day.
Whats the point of having a perspective in life if you’re going to be judged about seeing something a certain way?

Regardless of how I decided to view life, i was told to sight it differently.
Whats the point of crying if the tears are going to dry up on your face?

My tears built up in my eyes to the point where there was no storage to keep them hidden and no humanity in humans to wipe them off before it stained.
What happens when you’ve concealed your feelings for way too long, there is no place accepting to hide away the pain?

My heart had been neglected by the worlds weight to the point where it doesn’t function the same.
Zeinab Arjah 25/11/15 @za_writings

Empty Promises-

It seemed like the scars on my wrists weren’t enough
So you proceeded to cut me up with another lie.
Another mark of an empty promise

With words sharper than a knife.

Day one hundred passed, and it felt just like every other time i wasn’t a single thought on your mind.
When I disappear in the distance of your corrupt life

Don’t pretend to come searching for me

However, I appreciate your fake time.
It doesn’t phase me not one bit to watch you bleed crocodile tears

I’ll continue to empower your consciousness till it eats you alive

So that in the sky’s we reunite.
Yesterday you tried avoiding me

Now You’re struck by hindsight.
Zeinab Arjah 11/2/16 @za_writings

Destined Children-

You’re destined for me

And I’m destined for you.

Grab me by the hand

Let’s take a walk to the park

We can play hide and seek;
I’ll do the hiding while you count to three.
Try to find my soul under the moonlight-

It’s hidden- out of your sight.
May the chemistry lead us back to each other

On this blissful night.
Zeinab Arjah 3/7/15 @za_writings


A messed up situation along with a hat filled with names

I get called out

For something I’ve never done however, they were in desperate need for someone to blame.
So many mornings I woke up to only find out that i have been defamed

I’m a scapegoat for all and i swear they contrived stupefying excuses for others to have something to hate.
Whoever is behind it all

I hope you get your day

I’ve been praying five times daily for the tables to turn your way.

Zeinab Arjah 5/1/16 @za_writings

Answer me-

What went so wrong?

Why’d you leave… All of a sudden you’re all gone.

Ever since you left

I’ve cut down on the talk

The only time i opened my mouth was when i sung your name to a sad love song.
Why didn’t you take me with you…

Don’t you remember promising me the world?

Nobody understands how neglected i feel.

This little heart of mine is frightened

And so my consciousness screams

From a nightmare taking over me.
Can somebody call this off as a dream

I’m hyperventilating trying to breathe in and out of my fears.- Zeinab Arjah

Written on the 14/10/15

Instagram: @za_writings