Eyes- They Never Lie

How are you so sure of the love he has for you?”The way he looks at me when I’m not looking at him. Every time i catch him staring at me, that’s when I find myself mostly demure. He doesn’t have to say a single word, It’s all in the eyes, his eyes are alluring, they never lie.”
Love is fond in his eyes, 

You don’t believe me? Look at him. // K✨
Zeinab Arjah 18/6/16 @za_writings 

Jealousy is one hell of a crime.

As he was awoken by the suns rich touch And walked with grace in the streets of light

I begged to swap lives with the sun

For i was jealous of its ability to soak his skin up.
I sat here praying to be noticed by him

Questioning if the colour of his flesh would ever crave to be consumed and changed by the warmth in me.


Let me be your sun; I promise I’m worth looking upto, my darling.
Zeinab Arjah 10/7/16 @za_writings 

Searching for answers in the wrong person-

My mind stinks of unanswered questions.

Am i good enough?

Would you look at me more than once to check if i was looking back at you?
Will you stop by my heart, or would you choose to see right passed my feelings and proceed to walk by me like the love i have towards you is irrelevant?

I pray you realise that I’m worthy of your heart and that it’s me who is whats best for you.

Zeinab Arjah 21/6/16 @za_writings

He is gold-

He is gold However, his heart is plated with faults

But damn, who am i not to overlook them all?
In the darkest of nights, his illumines eyes remind me of the day

To him I surrender and for him i pray.

Zeinab Arjah 29/4/16 @za_writings